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    Dr West has a great bedside manner. She is very attentive, takes her time with her assessment and listens to your concerns.

    ~ Self-Verified Patient ~

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    Highly recommend Dr. Robin west

    ~ Self-Verified Patient ~

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    *Dr. Robin West is superb. I have always respected her reasoned approach to treatment options. Currently I am experiencing your excellent outpatient physical therapy dept.

    ~ Self-Verified Patient ~

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    Dr. West was excellent. She was patient and personable. She took time to listen to my concerns and questions and gave thorough explations and answers.

    ~ Self-Verified Patient ~

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    *Dr. West is amazing. She listens with patience and made my daughter feel comfortable.

    ~ Self-Verified Patient ~

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    Dr. West is great. The best in this area that I've worked with. Really appreciate her experience and care.

    ~ Self-Verified Patient ~

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    *Dr. Weat is phenomenal. I have recommended her to others. Very sharp, caring, clear in her diagnosis & treatment.

    ~ Self-Verified Patient ~

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    Dr. West is a true caring professional. She ALWAYS genuinely listens to my concerns and always has an answer. I never feel like I can't ask her anything with regards to my care.

    ~ Self-Verified Patient ~

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    Dr. West is amazing and has helped me out so much!

    ~ Self-Verified Patient ~

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    Dr. West was very professional and explain very good all the process! I am super happy thank you very much!!!

    ~ Self-Verified Patient ~

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