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    Comments: Dr. West was incredible. Knowledgeable, warm bedside manner, informative… I immediately felt at ease – and felt confident that I was with the right Surgeon that could fix my knee. Backstory: I had a not so positive experience with an ACL Reconstruction + Partial Medial Meniscectomy back in 2012. My knee never felt right after that surgery and I was in constant pain for 8 years, during those 8 years I saw countless surgeons and MRI’s and none of them were able to tell me why I was in so much pain or what was wrong. None of them earned my trust either that once I was under anesthesia that they would really do what was best for me and my knee and not just their practice. So I was extremely apprehensive about going back under and having another surgery that just made things worse. I did my research and found out which surgeon is the absolute BEST at ACL REVISIONS (i.e. Dr. Robin West). During the first appointment she was very warm and listened intently to my long complicated sob story of my my knee history. She then asked the right questions to where I knew she had just listened to what I said and had dissected it and was trouble shooting/consulting with me what the problem is and what our next steps should be. I immediately felt she had my best interest in mind so I told her “you are the expert please do whatever you think needs to be done to fix my knee once I am under and the cameras are in my knee.” (options were Total ACL Revision (Quad Graft), Meniscus Repair, IT Band Tenodesis, etc.) I put my complete trust in Dr. West and she delivered performing only the procedure needed to fix my problems and pain in my knee an IT Band Tenodesis. Her Nurse Practitioner Kerry Ann is awesome as well. Extremely kind and understanding. She responded to all my annoying emails promptly and kindly post surgery that I probably sent to many of. If you need a World-Class Surgeon/Doctor to help you with your knee/shoulder/ankle/body part injury do yourself a favor and meet this woman.

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